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Tuesday October 19, 2021
Sessions on the hour from 9:30am intro – 5pm ET

Audio Networking/ AoIP has marked a fundamental shift in the way we transport audio in studios and in live event production.
From Recording Studios, Broadcast Studios, Post-Production, churches, both small and large scale venues and for remote broadcasts - all now have moved or are moving to AoIP.
There are many solutions out there, including DANTE, AVB/MILAN, RAVENNA and various proprietary networks, with AES67 as a unifying Rosetta Stone.
The AoIP Summit, delves into the application and solutions aspects of widely adopted solutions, including the latest information on tools and technology.

Join us on Tuesday October 19, 2021, for the second in the series of Audio Networking Summits, to learn from the experts and ask those vital questions.
The AES AoIP Summit will be hosted on a secure Zoom site. A link and passcode will be sent to all Summit registrants late on Monday, October 18 (Eastern Time).

AES AoIP Summit Partners

Meet the AoIP Summit Presenters

Introducing some of our key presenters

Terry Holton

Panel Moderator: AIMS Audio Group Chairman - UK - London, UK

Terry is Chairman of the Audio Working Group in AIMS (the Alliance for IP Media Solutions). He was previously a Board member in the Media Networking Alliance before it was merged into AIMS in 2017.
Terry spent 25 years working for the Yamaha R&D Centre in London where he was General Manager and also headed up the Pro Audio Product Planning group working on a range of digital audio products. He is now a consultant focusing on media networking and represents Yamaha is various alliances and standards groups.

Jan Lykke

Business Development Manager, NTP Technology

Jan Lykke joined NTP Technology 7 years ago where he has had a focus on the transition to AoIP in both the pro audio and broadcast industries. This includes designing AoIP solutions ranging from small music studios to large-scale post-production and broadcast facilities. NTP Technology provides audio conversion, routing and processing solutions for both music production and post-production under the DAD – Digital Audio Denmark brand and to the broadcast industry under the Penta brand. NTP also provide the industry-standard MTRX and MTRX Studio Pro Tools interfaces to Avid.

Ethan Wetzell

OCA Alliance Marketing Committee Chair

Ethan Wetzell has worked in professional audio for over 25 years, in positions ranging from front of house and studio engineer to global product manager for Electro-Voice DSP. Ethan is an active participant in standards activities such as AES-67 and X-210 and works extensively with trade associations such as the AVnu Alliance and OCA Alliance.

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Meet the AoIP Summit Partners

Introducing our exclusive Summit Partners

AIMS Alliance

AIMS is an industry consortium led by broadcast and ProAV engineers, technologists, visionaries, vendors and business executives dedicated to an open-standards approach that moves broadcast and media companies quickly and profitably from legacy systems to a virtualized, IP-based environment. AIMS’ efforts build upon those of leading standards bodies such as the Video Services Forum (VSF), the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the European Broadcast Union (EBU), the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) and the Audio Engineering Society (AES). We don’t compete with these bodies—we seek to foster the good work they have done.

This clear technology roadmap helps broadcasters rapidly deploy flexible IP-based production, storage and distribution capabilities, provided by the industry’s leading infrastructure and software vendors. AIMS is an inclusive, transparent and not-for-profit organization which enables close cooperation between members and leading standards bodies ensuring that broadcasters’ and AV professionals’ business and technical needs are met. Together, we drive a comprehensive, ubiquitous set of IP standards that eliminate fragmentation and maximize interoperability, as well as provide reassurance that today’s decisions do not lead to technological dead ends or proprietary lock-in tomorrow.

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OCA Alliance

OCA is an architecture for system control and connection management of media networks. Now standardized as Audio Engineering Society AES70, OCA is capable of working effectively with all kinds of devices from multiple manufacturers, to provide fully interoperable multivendor networks.

OCA is an open, license-free standard available to anyone – the full AES70 specification is available through the AES standards website. Although the OCA Alliance welcomes new members at any time, Alliance membership is not required to use AES70.
OCA does not provide media transport, but can be used in conjunction with any available transport protocol (Dante, AVB, AES67, Cobranet, etc.). OCA protocols operate over standard Ethernet or 802.11 Wi-Fi networks.

OCA is a control protocol standard only, and does not define the programming design or user interfaces of devices or controllers.

OCA is modular, and may be used successfully in all sizes of devices, from small wall controllers to large audio processors and mixers. It can be deployed in subsets. For example, some products may use only OCA’s connection management features, others may use only its audio processing features, while still others may use the entire feature set.

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NTP Technology

NTP Technology ( produces high-reliability audio routing and signal processing systems for major international broadcasters, audio mastering, editing and post-production studios under its Penta brand. DAD – Digital Audio Denmark (, NTP Technology’s second brand, is renowned worldwide for analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog audio converters delivering outstanding sonic performance. Based in Copenhagen, NTP is part of the Dan Technologies Group, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of audio, video, transmission products and digital media solutions
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