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March 11, 2021

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The most important tool in your arsenal

Session one: We all love to invest in gear for the studio but from the start we possess the most valuable piece of tech. In this talk Alexandra will look at some important facts you should know about hearing and how to protect it.

With Alexandra Bartles BSc (Hons)

Education to Industry as an Artist

Session two: Join the Funk Cartel brothers as they discuss developing themselves as artists, studying a sound engineering degree in London whilst carving out their place in the music industry

Among the topics covered will be making the transition from stereo to 5.1 to 3D immersive layouts, cabling and signal flow, monitor selection and mounting, listening distance vs. SPL, bass management and calibration.

Presented by Funk Cartel: Rory & Cam Cochrane

An Insight into Roska and the UK Funky genre

Session Three: Continuing his journey as a pioneer of the Funky House sound via his Roska Kicks & Snares (RKS) imprint. Presiding over 100 releases, RKS has welcomed the likes of MA1, Champion, Murder He Wrote and DJ POLO to the label since its inception in 2010. After spending the last two years developing and mentoring the later artists also including DJ MOTU and more in the fold.

Presented by Roska

Studio Monitoring 101

Session four: A comprehensive session on the correct set-up, placement and types of studio monitoring for EDM production.

Presented by Stephan Mauer, Head of Product @ ADAM Audio

Do your Kicks Punch? – Academy Masterclass

Session five: The kick drum is the most important element in an electronic dance track. Get it right and you can fill the dance floor but get it wrong and you’ll empty it. In this session, we look at the different methods used to synthesize kick drums alongside the various ways to process it to punch through the track and work on the dance floor.

Presented by Dr Rick Snoman Phd, Altar Studios

AES Encore Presentation: Eurorack Applications in Electronic Dance Music Production

Bonus Session from the AES Show Fall 2020 online Convention
Dr Rick Snoman will explore Eurorack and its application in modern Electronic Dance Music production.

Presented by Dr Rick Snoman Phd and Alexandra Bartles BSc (Hons) – Altar Studios

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