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February 11, 2021

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Introduction & Immersive Audio Past, Present & Future

Session one with Co-Chairs Andres Mayo and Steve Martz with Brian (BT) Gibbs

GENELEC Partner Session: Creating an Immersive Audio Room

Session two

Will Eggleston and Paul Stewart from our US office will discuss some of the thinking that goes into making a purpose built or temporary immersive monitoring space. Having just created the stunning new Genelec USA Experience Center in Boston, Will and Paul will draw on this recent project as a practical example of modern immersive room design.

Among the topics covered will be making the transition from stereo to 5.1 to 3D immersive layouts, cabling and signal flow, monitor selection and mounting, listening distance vs. SPL, bass management and calibration.

Immersive Audio for Live Events

Session three
The live industry is living a transition from traditional left-right, mostly dual mono, to immersive systems. In this workshop, specific challenges of immersive audio for live are presented and addressed. These challenges are mostly related to the scale and diversity of audiences and performance spaces, from pre-production, to touring, to post-production. They can be overcome adopting a full system approach as proposed by the L-ISA technology within L-Acoustics ecosystem. This approach combines specific tools and guidelines for the design of the loudspeaker system, object oriented mixing tools and specific 3D audio algorithms for loudspeakers and headphones.
Scott Sugden: Product and Technology Outreach Manager, L-Acoustics, Westlake Village, CA
Etienne Corteel: Director of Education & Scientific Outreach, L-Acoustics, Marcoussis, France

Audio Futures: Technologies for Games

Session four
Where does research aiming to create virtual sounds that are indistinguishable from reality intersect with today’s cutting edge game audio technologies? Scott will discuss both some of the novel experiences Facebook Reality Labs Research is building today and their implications for current games, both screen- and head-mounted-display-based. We’ll also cover both nascent and evolving creative and technical best practices for audio storytelling in the immersive worlds of virtual, mixed, and augmented reality.
Scott Selfon, Audio Experiences Lead, Facebook Reality Labs Research

From Stereo to Immersive; A Conceptual Discussion
Up to 56:49

Session five
A conversation about the perspective and process of creating a new immersive release from a stereo album with the artist and immersive engineer. Featuring Fantastic Negrito and Michael Romanowski. We will be discussing how the Dolby Atmos version of the album “Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?” came to be, the thought process behind the re-envisioning and the inspiration for future projects.
Michael Romanowski
Nahuel Bronzini
Xavier Dphrepaulezz

Live Masterclass: Producing High Quality Immersive Audio
Scroll to and play from 56:50

Session six

Producing immersive content is, nowadays, more accessible than it ever was, thanks to new tools, which are available for free or at very low costs. But achieving great results, compatible with high quality standards, is still not an easy task. In this hands-on workshop we unveil the secrets of 360 audio production during 3 intensive hours. Attendees will learn to capture and mix 3D audio using object-oriented solutions and will be able to create immersive content suitable for a variety of applications, such as live concerts, studio recordings, advertising, gaming, VR, AR, e-sports, etc.
Martin Muscatello (@360MusicLab)
Brian Glasscock (Sennheiser)
Achim Fell (Dear Reality)

Host: Andres Mayo (@360MusicLab)

Dolby Partner Session: Atmos Music Creation with Studio 1 LA

Session seven

At the leading edge of immersive audio, Karma Auger and Erich Gobel welcome guests into their state of the art mixing studio to share their creation theory and techniques for mixing in Dolby Atmos. Guests will learn about Studio 1 LA’s Atmos education series, their work in anime sound design, and their tips for getting started in Dolby Atmos.
Speakers: Karma Auger & Erich Gobel – Studio 1 LA
Host: Ben Givarz – Dolby Laboratories

Traditional 5.1 as a delivery vehicle for immersive audio in cinema

Session eight

For nearly 30 years the predominant surround audio format for cinema, home video, streaming, marketing, and music has been 5.1. Workflows for content creation, delivery, streaming, and playback are common, robust, and well understood. Neural:X from DTS allows for a variety of immersive playback scenarios using a standard, codec-agnostic, 5.1 deliverable which provides a simple, economical solution to broadening the footprint for immersive audio. Using a similar concept to stereo-surround 4-2-4 workflows, we demonstrate a system whereby an immersive audio mix can be acoustically encoded into a 5.1, then decoded back to an immersive environment. This method allows for a single delivery of a 5.1 which has been created and monitored for use in any sound field, including mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, immersive, as well as speaker and headphone virtualization.
John Kellogg, Vice President – Advanced Cinema, Production Services and Pro Audio Solutions, Xperi / DTS
Brian Slack, Sr. Manager, Professional Audio, Xperi / DTS

Traditional 5.1 as a delivery vehicle for immersive audio in cinema: Q&A and event close

Session eight – continued with Q&A and Event end remarks

Steve Martz (Co-Chair)
John Kellogg, Vice President – Advanced Cinema, Production Services and Pro Audio Solutions, Xperi / DTS
Brian Slack, Sr. Manager, Professional Audio, Xperi / DTS

Partner Session from Genelec: The Essentials of Immersive Audio


Eric Horstmann from Genelec’s European team is an immersive audio expert with many years of experience of both the technical and workflow aspects of immersive.

This session will cover the basic principles of immersive audio, the formats used, the creative process, how to set up a room, and the Genelec solutions that can help immersive audio professionals working with both in-room monitoring and headphones. If you’re looking for an accessible introduction to working with immersive, there’s no better place to start.
Eric Horstmann

Partner Session from Sound Particles


3D Audio and Immersive tools with Sound Particles.
Nuno Fonseca

Partner Session from New Audio Technology

Partner Session from New Audio Technology: Immersive and interactive audio for live applications like full domes, theatres, concerts and broadcast.

The venues in such applications becomes more and more complex what demands flexibly solutions to management versatile audio sources and formats. Another major issue is, how to create content for such applications in common audio production workflows? The presentation will offer a deeper insight in such applications and offer inspirations and strategies to deal quickly and individual with the related challenges.
Tom Ammermann

Partner Session from Fraunhofer

 MPEG-H Authoring Suite for post-production workflows

With MPEG-H content, producers can enable features that create an entirely new audio experience for consumers. This session explains how you, as a producer, can do that. MPEG-H Authoring Suite (MAS) is a set of applications that facilitates the easy, fast and intuitive production of MPEG-H Audio content. In this webinar bit, Yannik Grewe demonstrates the MAS tools for production, monitoring and quality control as well as their interoperability.


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