2024 Program

Proposed Topics

Archiving & Restoration
Audio for Multimedia
Broadcast and Online Delivery
Diversity and Inclusion
Electronic Dance Music
Electronic Instrument Design & Applications
Game Audio & XR
Hip Hop and R&B
Immersive & Spatial Audio
Immersive Music
Live Sound
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Networked Audio
Product Development
Recording and Production
Sound Reinforcement

Acoustic simulation of immersive audio environments
Analysis and synthesis of sound
Archiving & Restoration
Audio and education
Audio and music information retrieval
Audio coding and compression
Audio effects
Audio for mobile and handheld devices
Audio for virtual/augmented reality environments
Audio formats
Audio interfaces
Audio perception
Audio quality
Auditory display and sonification
Auditory scene analysis
Automatic content description
Automotive audio
Digital broadcasting
Electronic Instrument Design & Applications
Evaluation of spatial audio
Film Sound (foley, recording, mixing, scoring)
Forensic audio
Game Audio 
Hearing loss, protection, and enhancement
Instrumentation and measurement
Interactive sound
Listening tests and evaluation
Live event and stage audio
Loudspeakers and headphones
Machine listening
Microphones, converters, and amplifiers
Multichannel and spatial audio
Music and speech signal processing
Musical instrument design
Networked, Internet, and remote audio
Room and architectural acoustics
Sound design and reinforcement 
Sound design for immersive audio environments 
Spatial audio applications
Speech intelligibility